Tutorial para hacer invitaciones

  • Marie Novia Habitual
    Hola chicas, os dejo el tutorial que encontré para hacer unas invitaciones chulísimas. Está en inglés pero creo que se entiende bien. Tiene plantillas para imprimir. Espero que os sirva DIY Wedding Card – Dress & Tux Trifold

    I started with a 12 square of thick black scrapbook paper for the base and ended up with a 5 tall card that is 6 across. You can modify the dimensions if you want, but these directions (and the template below) will get you a 5 x 6 finished, folded card.

    You need:

    • black card stock for card, jacket, tie, and buttons
    • white card stock for dress
    • white card stock for shirt and inside writing area
    • white ribbon
    • glue stick
    • scissors
    • DIY wedding card template (download below)

    First, you’ll need a template for the dress and tux shapes. If you don’t want to figure them out on your own, I’ve provided an actual-size template that you can download below. icon_smile.gif Click the image to open and save the template.


    Wedding Card Template

    Start with your black card stock. Cut a strip that is 12 x 5. If your paper has a specific “back” and “front”, put the strip “back” side down as if you have opened up the card.

    Fold the right side of the card over at 4 from the right edge. Then fold the left side of the card over at 2 1/4 from the left edge.


    Next, cut out the dress shape from a piece of pretty, white card stock. The paper I used had a bit of a shiny design on it and I love it!

    If you want to embellish the dress a bit, wrap a tiny bit of white ribbon around the waist, and maybe even add a bow. Glue the ribbon onto the back of the dress to hold it on.


    Then glue the dress onto the left edge of the card, half on the card and half hanging off.



    From the back

    I used the binder clip to hold the bow etc. on while the glue was drying. Once the glue is dry, you can trim the black paper right up to the edges of the dress.

    Now it’s time to work on the tux. Cut out the shirt piece from a piece of white card stock, and cut out the jacket and tie pieces from black card stock. You will also want two tiny black circles for buttons (I used a small hole punch for this part).

    Place the jacket on top of the shirt and glue it down. Add the tie and buttons and glue them down as well.


    Close the card, right side first, then close the left/dress side over the right.

    You’re going to glue the tux down onto the right flap of the card. With the card closed, figure out where you want the tux so it doesn’t interfere with the dress, then glue it down.


    I printed out the word “Congratulations!” onto a shiny piece of card stock, cut it down to size, and glued it to the inside of the card to give us a place to write a few things and sign our names.


    And once the glue is dry everywhere, you’re done!


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  • Athenea Novia Experta
    K facilitas y k chuladaaa jejeje
  • Marie Novia Habitual

    He hecho unas cuantas invitaciones y de verdad que son super fáciles de hacer. De una cartulina grande negra me han salido 10 invitaciones.



  • Sara Novia Adicta

    Muy originales...la verdad que la invitacion es algo muy personal y esta puede encajar con mucha gente

  • Estrella Novia Adicta

    Hola!! Son suuuuuperbonitas, me encantan!!

  • Luki Súper Novia
    Que chulada!!!! Muy original
  • Andrea & Jose Manuel Novia VIP
    Preciosa. Gracias por compartir.
  • Alba Destacada

    Que chula!!

  • Lucía Destacada
    Gracias por compartir este tutorial,está chulisimo,queda una invitación muy original
  • Jeannette Destacada

    Gracias por compartirlo estan geniales.


  • Sara Novia VIP
    Muy bonitas! Se tendrán q guiar x los dibujitos xq el inglés...juju mejor si traduces las instrucciones!
  • Vanessa Novia VIP

    Jajajaja que monada... I like

  • Sandra Novia Experta
    Que chula quedan!! gracias por compartir
  • Maria Novia Habitual
    Gracias por compartir. Es una idea porque todavía no he dado las invitaciones.
  • Míriam Destacada

    Ohh que chula queda, gracias por compartir

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